paper or ebook?

A few people have asked me if they should get the paper book or the ebook (Kindle, iPad, etc.) I have a Kindle so I understand the question — books with lots of illustrations and charts don’t work very well on the Kindle.

Impatient Woman’s Guide should work fine on the Kindle or iPad, though, because I didn’t include any graphs, illustrations, or charts. I figured you can get those online now. A lot of books include temperature charts, for example, but almost everyone charts online now so I didn’t see the point. Same for a BMI chart — easier to do that in an online calculator. There is one table (for troubleshooting fertility problems), but that should look OK. 

You might want the paper version if you’re going to use lots of Post-it notes to mark the location of your favorite tips. You can do this on the Kindle too, but I’ve always found the function to be awkward.

So bottom line: Either is fine.


About impatientwoman

I'm a psychology professor/researcher and mom of three. When I was trying to get pregnant, I read everything I could find -- and was surprised to find how much advice on fertility was wrong, according to the medical research. Or it was weird, like the statistics on over-35 fertility based on birth records from 17th century France (really!) Plus so many fertility books were boring, or written by men, or written by boring men. That's why I wrote The Impatient Woman's Guide to Getting Pregnant.
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