The Impatient Woman’s shopping list

One of the appendices in The Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant is a shopping guide. But you might want to buy the book and everything else you need for trying to conceive in one order (maybe to get the free shipping? That’s what I do!)

So, as a bonus feature for my website visitors, here is a condensed version of the shopping list:

— Prenatal vitamins. My favorite: Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal System. (Or their Prenatal One version, and add calcium supplements). One of the few prenatals that has enough vitamin B6, which can increase fertility. Start taking them right away!

— Omega-3 fish oil. Look for higher mg of DHA and EPA. If you go to Costco get their one-a-day 1000mg.

— The ClearBlue fertility monitor and a 3-month supply of sticks.

— If you want to chart, the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It’s a good supplement to Impatient Woman — I describe the basics of charting, but you might want more details.

— A digital thermometer

— Pregnancy tests. (the cheap ones are usually fine; get First Response Early Result if you want to splurge and test super-early). Get at least one digital one to tell your husband.

— Pre-Seed lubricant (only if you usually use lubricant).

— A rice cooker and/or steamer.

Do NOT buy any other supplements yet. As I describe in the book, some of them can actually harm your fertility. Everything here will help it or at least won’t hurt as long as you take or use them in moderation.


About impatientwoman

I'm a psychology professor/researcher and mom of three. When I was trying to get pregnant, I read everything I could find -- and was surprised to find how much advice on fertility was wrong, according to the medical research. Or it was weird, like the statistics on over-35 fertility based on birth records from 17th century France (really!) Plus so many fertility books were boring, or written by men, or written by boring men. That's why I wrote The Impatient Woman's Guide to Getting Pregnant.
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